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Professional Development

Becoming an experienced engineer!

The Professional Development requirement of the GLASS program focuses on preparing us for our future professional endeavors through internships, research, and career counseling. Internships provide real-world experience and industry knowledge, while research projects develop critical thinking and analytical skills. Career counseling offers guidance in resume writing, job search strategies, and professional networking. These components collectively equip us with the practical experiences, skills, and support necessary to succeed in our chosen careers.

Working Together

Ramboll Hackathon Winner 

SPARK: a creative zone that allowed me to go wild with my ideas. During this event planned by Ramboll, CyrusOne, and NYU, we were given the prompt of how to increase biodiversity and sustainability around and within data centers such as the ones built by CyrusOne across the US. Overall, this experience was very encouraging and inspiring as it showed us how big companies such as Ramboll and CyprusOne are making leading steps towards combatting the effects of global warming by making our world more sustainable. We won 5000 dollars!


I have annually attended the SWE (Society of Women in Engineering) conference, a platform where I connected with women in STEM and engaged with professionals from diverse industries. Additionally, I participated in WEFTEC (Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference), the largest water conference in the United States. These conferences were hosted in various cities, including Houston, Texas; Los Angeles, California; and Chicago, Illinois.

Internship at Olokun Minerals

Olokun Minerals specializes in eco-friendly mineral-based products, aiming to divert harmful drainage water from oceans and sustainably source minerals for various industries. We're working on an innovative multi-mineral extraction process that reduces waste and boosts commercial viability for different brine waste streams. This year-long internship provides invaluable hands-on experience in sustainable resource management, R&D, and the complexities of the mineral industry.

InFLOW Scholar 

Participated in the WEF InFLOW program, designed to introduce emerging leaders to the water industry through specialized programming before and during WEFTEC, enabled me to network with sponsoring companies at exclusive events. I had the opportunity to learn directly from industry-leading figures and was paired with a mentor who had previously completed the program. Additionally, the program included tours of some of the most prominent companies in the sector.

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