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Commitment to Service

Becoming a socially aware engineer!

The Commitment to Service requirement of the GLASS program focuses on instilling a sense of social responsibility and actively contributing to communities. Through service learning, alternative break trips, and community service, we engage in meaningful experiences that address real-world challenges. We collaborate with local organizations, immerse ourselves in different communities, and volunteer our time to make a positive impact. These experiences foster empathy, develop essential skills, and cultivate a commitment to social change, ensuring that we actively contribute to the betterment of society.

Helping Hands


Volunteer at Biscayne National Park in Florida

During a week-long service initiative at the Biscayne National Park Institute in Florida, my team and I dedicated our efforts to cleaning the shorelines of remote islands in the Florida Keys, resulting in the collection of an impressive two tons of debris. Our work made a significant impact, preventing waste from entering the ocean and preserving the delicate marine ecosystems. This experience reinforced my commitment to advocating for sustainability and inspired me to continue contributing to environmental preservation. 



Volunteer in Tanzania 

During a fulfilling three-week volunteer experience in Tanzania, I contributed to a construction program focused on demolishing and rebuilding a kitchen in an Arusha-based daycare center. This opportunity provided invaluable insights into the social issues of Tanzania, gleaned from discussions with the board of the Karibu Foundation, the organization I volunteered with. Collaborating with diverse volunteers from around the globe, I forged meaningful connections, not only among fellow volunteers but also with the children at the daycare center. In addition to my volunteer work, I indulged in a two-day safari, deepening my understanding of the local savannah and its wildlife.

Volunteer at Sawiris Foundation for Social Development in Egypt 

During my time volunteering with the Sawiris Foundation for Social Impact in Egypt, I played a pivotal role in organizing databases and managing scholarship applicants in the education sector. Collaborating closely with selection panels, I curated and presented information crucial to the decision-making process. This experience allowed me to witness the life-altering impact of scholarships on deserving individuals, and I actively contributed to the foundation's mission of creating social change through education. Interacting with a diverse range of scholars and professionals broadened my perspective, strengthening my commitment to advocating for equal access to educational opportunities. This volunteering experience  served as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of education and ignited a passion to continue working towards a more inclusive and equitable society.


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