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Leadership Development

Becoming an engineer able to lead! 

The Leadership Development requirement of the GLASS program aims to foster our leadership skills through team projects, mentoring, and student club board positions. Engaging in collaborative team projects enables us to navigate group dynamics and develop effective communication and delegation abilities. Through mentoring relationships, we receive guidance and support in decision-making and career development. Taking on leadership roles in student clubs further enhances students' organizational and interpersonal skills. Collectively, these experiences prepare us to become effective leaders, capable of motivating and inspiring others towards shared goals.


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Use this space to tell people more about what you do or a featured service.


Use this space to tell people more about what you do or a featured service.

Work Desk

Teaching Assistant for General Engineering Class 

Since the fall of 2021, my role as a Teaching Assistant for the General Engineering course at NYU offered invaluable experiences as a lab TA, a recitation TA, and a Semester Long Design Project Mentor. This opportunity expanded my engineering knowledge, from hands-on projects in boom construction, Pi camera color detection, to water filtration systems, while honing skills in mentorship, organization, and problem-solving, further fueling my passion for engineering and education.

I'm proud to be the project manager for the Robotics Design Team (RDT), part of the Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) program. We are a team if 85 engineers that compete against 45 schools from 12 countries to create an automated rover tailored for extraterrestrial excavation in a NASA competition. Through this experience, I've gained invaluable hands-on engineering experience, problem-solving skills, and teamwork while contributing to innovative projects advancing space exploration.

Project Manager for Robotics Design Team 

Honors Leadership Course 

Selected by the Dean of the Engineering School as one of only two students to participate in a prestigious university-wide honors leadership course. This course features sessions led by industry leaders, who emphasize the significance of inclusive leadership. They cover essential topics such as creating opportunities for open dialogue and the importance of both having a mentor and serving as one.

Recruited for the GLASS Program, I played a pivotal role in developing material aimed at informing first-year engineering students about program prerequisites. I mentored students through the process of developing competitive materials for their applications and fostered authentic relationships through one-on-one meetings, where we discussed a breadth of opportunities available across the university.

GLASS Recruiter

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