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White Sheet

GLASS Project

Projects for Tandon Honors students in the Global Leaders & Scholars in STEM program consists of a culmination of various experiences, research, and interests related to the Tandon Areas of Research Excellence, the NAE Grand Challenges and the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals . By the culmination of the 3-year GLASS Program, I've gained a profound comprehension of the potential impact I can have in making the world a better place. As a GLASS participant, I've emerged equipped to venture into the world as a globally competent and socially responsible innovator and engineer!

Mission Statement 

My mission is to address the critical challenge of water scarcity, particularly in places enduring harsh, arid climates such as the MENA region. Through a commitment to sustainable and accessible solutions, I am focused on exploring sea water desalination and atmospheric water harvesting. These promising methods inspire my dedication to research, aiming to alleviate water shortage issues experienced by dry countries. My vision is centered on the development of net-zero desalination plants, aimed at making fresh water more readily available and cost-effective while ensuring sustainability. By harnessing the abundant salt water from seas and oceans, this proposed solution aims to create a world where fresh water is both accessible and renewable.



Why is fresh water accessibilty important to me?

As global population growth, climate change, and escalating water demand continue to strain limited water supplies, experts predict a potential increase in water wars, causing heightened geopolitical tensions. A current example of this, which hits home (literally), is the dispute between Egypt and Ethiopia, which revolves around the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the Nile River. The construction of this dam has ignited tensions between the two nations due to the Nile's critical importance for Egypt as a major water source. Egypt is concerned that the dam's operation could substantially diminish its water share, potentially resulting in economic and agricultural challenges. On the other hand, Ethiopia sees the dam as crucial for generating electricity, which could aid the country's development efforts. 


The continuous threats and tensions between the two countries have compelled me to take action beyond mere observation. 


Research Paper

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