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Academic Excellence

Becoming a knowledgeable enngineer!

The Academic Excellence requirement of the GLASS program focuses on promoting high academic standards and providing opportunities for us, the students, to excel in our studies. This includes completing a thesis paper, participating in senior design and VIP projects, and collaborating within student teams. Through these experiences, we engage in rigorous research, problem-solving, interdisciplinary collaboration, and practical application of knowledge. The Academic Excellence requirement aims to foster intellectual growth, research proficiency, and the development of skills necessary for success in academia and future careers.

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Undergraduate Research Assistant at Kirmizialtin Lab 

During my semester abroad in Abu Dhabi (spring 2022) I have had the incredible opportunity to be able to work in the Kirmizialtin lab where I worked on computational chemistry that analyzes materials for water harvesting purposes (mainly MOFs which stands for Metal Organic Framework). During my time there I learnt how to use the software MAPS that helps simulate how certain materials will act under certain conditions. Using molecular simulations provided a detailed understanding of the mechanism by which these materials work. Computational chemistry and molecular simulations are an accurate and efficient method of testing and understanding materials. In this experience I worked directly with the post doc on this project and started drafting a scientific paper to be published soon.


Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Dynamical Systems lab 

I studied inclusive design principles, focusing specifically on the architectural layout of various New York University buildings. This study was conducted within the realm of virtual reality, where I recreated the structures of these buildings. We simulated visual impairments, allowing me to understand the experience and the ease of navigation through these spaces from the perspective of individuals with visual disabilities. This simulation enabled me to critically assess the accessibility features of each building and understand the importance of inclusive design in creating environments that are welcoming and navigable for all users, regardless of their physical abilities. 

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Member of Tau Beta Pi

I am humbled and honored to have been selected for membership into Tau Beta Pi, the oldest engineering honors society and second oldest Greek-letter honor society in America. Being among the top 1/8th of juniors in engineering majors at NYU is a true privilege, and I am grateful for the recognition of my dedication and hard work in the field of engineering. I look forward to the opportunities and connections that this membership will bring, and will strive to continue to earn it through my future endeavors.

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